Salt Generators

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Nexapure-Magan Water

Magen’s natural salt water chlorinators are the safest, most economical, natural and environment friendly disinfection systems for swimming pools, Jacuzzis and spas. Magen’s salt water chlorinators convert natural table salt into chlorine to sanitize the water while eliminating the negative side effects associated with traditional chlorine.

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Zodiac Salt Generators

The Zodiac LM3 Salt Water Chlorinator was designed to make pool sanitation as easy as possible.

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Intellichlor Pentair Salt Generator


IntelliChlor uses common table salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs, safely, effectively and automatically. It provides the same sanitation performance as harsh chlorine additives without the drawbacks. There’s no need to buy, handle and store chemicals.

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Hayward Salt Chlorinator

Studies show that the number one reason homeowners hesitate to purchase an in-ground swimming pool is fear of constant water chemistry management and pool maintenance. Hayward offers many products that can automatically adjust and maintain clean, clear water without you lifting a finger. In addition to automatic chlorination with our Salt Systems, we offer Sense & Dispense® pH and ORP technology that can be paired with the AquaRite Pro salt system, as well as ProLogic and OmniLogic Automation systems. Sense & Dispense continuously tests the water, sampling pH and sanitizer activity, and automatically adjusts chemical feeding via the Acid or Liquid Chlorine Feed Systems.